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Complete set, original Heidelberg parts and installation by our qualified technicians

Foldingmachine check-up

Optimum foldquality and short setup time are only obtianed with the best folding rollers. However for high productivity and minimum failure more is needed. Heidelberg folding machines need minumum maintenance, but wear and tear of rollers, roller bearings, feed tray and suction belts are a reality that require attention after years of service.

We offer a number of service packages that will make your folding machine fold like new. Complete sets, original Heidelberg parts and installation by qualified technicians!

Service packages voor paper transport

We recommend to replace folding rollers combined with service of the Tremat feed tray and suction- and transportbelts.
You have a choice of 2 revisions:

  • The basic Tremat revision set comprises replacement and adjustment of parts like uptake pistons, hoses, seals and height adjustment switches.
  • The extended Tremat revision set consists of the basic revision set, complemented by replacementof the complete separation piston and other parts.


Combined packages No. Heidelberg
Tremat basic revisionset 2100015875
Tremat extended revisionset 2100015876
Suctionrotor PU 70 mm 2030843833
Suctionrotor PU 50 mm 2033802901
Toothed belt TH/KH 2030598145

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